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About one day I join the others in the group reside in Namsen.

This will be the highlight of the year, an absolutely amazing group of good friends from all corners of the earth.

It will be posted up pictures each day from Namsen

The Atlantic Salmon Fishing[Norway: FiskumFoss Falls in full flow]
FiskumFoss Falls in full flowUntil recently the fishing on the Upper Namsen was separated into separate beats covering a total of 17kms of double bank fishing a distance of 45 kms from the sea. Although each of these beats individually covers some superb fly-water and very productive pools, it did to an extent limit the variety upon which we at WhereWiseMenFish have always placed great emphasis. This will change for 2009 with a rotation being implemented giving one the opportunity to fish all 3 of the best fly-water beats, Fiskumfoss, Ovre Media and Fossland, over the course of a week. Over the prime salmon fishing weeks from mid-June to mid-July the fishing will be fly only.

Fiskumfoss Falls Beat

One of the most prolific salmon beats in Norway; the Fiskumfoss beat is 1.1 kms of double bank fishing, starting just below the 34 meter high Fiskumfoss fall. This used to be the uppermost extent to which the salmon could run, (although there is now a salmon ladder tunnelled through the rock), and on account of this natural barrier it has turned it into a formidable holding pool. The average catch per rod is 1-2 salmon/day.

Ovre Media & Fossland[Norway: Fossland Lodge]
Fossland Lodge on the left - A very short walk to the River!These two beats, which total just over 5 kms of double bank fishing make up the bulk of the Upper Namsen fly-water. There are 13 named pools with all the variety that one would expect from a big powerful river such as the Namsen; deep pots, boulder strewn runs, gravel bars, fast rapids and glides. The river is more than wide enough to accommodate genuine double bank fishing.

Additional Upper Namsen Water

Although Fiskumfoss, Over Media & Fossland make up the prime fly-water it is by no means the extent of the Upper Namsen Fishing. The Sandola River, which joins the Namsen immediately below Grong, has additional fly-water. There is also some superbly isolated streamy fly-water above Fiskumfoss Falls which can also be utilised. This stretch is particularly good in low-water conditions. Alongside its big fish the Namsen is famous for harling with many long deep pools. For those who would prefer to fish for Salmon by means other than a fly, the Holandsoya & Oiem beat, a short distance below Grong, is ideal. It is also within easy walking distance of the farmhouse where guests fishing this stretch usually stay.

Upper Namsen Fishing-Accommodation[Norway: Hotel Vertshuset Grong]
Hotel Vertshuset GrongThere are 3 accommodation options open for those fishing the Upper Namsen beats, Hotel Vertshuset Grong, Fossland lodge and Holandsoya Gard.

Fossland Lodge

An extremely comfortable and homely wooden lodge on the banks of the river overlooking the Ovre Media & Fossland beats. Very comfortable and with all the facilities you would expect from a top notch fishing lodge. Ideal for groups, it has 4 bedrooms in the main building and a further 2 in adjoining cottages.


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