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Completely magical atmosphere 1 hour before opening start

Beryelva Photo Thomas Thore

Here at the clubhouse is there is full activity for fishing start in a few hours. Some set up their rods while others sit and have a beer or whiskey, others go to bed to be rested for the next day. Many cars are coming and people are talking everywhere about the incredible water level and how much fish has been seen on the river last week, it's not often you are faced with this fact, that there is nothing that is negative. At least not for salmon fishing after that it always be something to blame, but not here in Berbyelva right now anyway

Home pool 5 minutes before the start of salmon season in Berbyelva

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

Zone 1 is a magic pool, it really smells like fresh salmon

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

The first thing I face when I come down to the lowest pool, is Andreas standing with bent rod

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

Hardcore salmon fighting by Andreas in zon 1

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

A very happy Andreas after that everything went as he pleased, a great premiere salmon from Berbyelva

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

One of the catches this premiere

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

Talk about being in heaven

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

Here some of the guys I fished with in the morning in Zone 1

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

While I sit and wait to Svein to go out fishing, it will arrive many salmon into the pool and a large salmon makes a big jump in the pool. Then said Sven calmly that it may mature a bit before I go out. When Svein well go out in the pool so does he not make many caste before he stands with bent rod with a big salmon on the other end

A series of images of Svein from beginning to end

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

My salmon is catch and release

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

a fantastic and magical morning in Berbyelva

Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore
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Berbyelva Photo Thomas Thore

A fantastic night and morning, will be back with many pictures of this magical river, and they very large salmon. Right now I do not know how many have been caught, but for a few hours ago you see results.

Catch and release 97 cm silver steel from Berbyelva

Berbyela Photo Thomas Thore
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Photo Thomas Thore

Jiiiehhaa have just received fresh reports that water levels are perfect, 73 cm.
And there are plenty of fish up the river, there will be a very exciting start on May 23
Camera equipment is packed and rods are already in the car before the night's fishing, all the flies are tied and is in the vest.

Soon ready to go a quick stop to buy beer and food, then I will return here late this evening with mood pictures before we started fishing.

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River Dee Mellenium Pool Photo Thomas Thore

I have written about it before, but now it's really close. My very good friend Mark Paterson from Aboyne in Scotland kicks off its new business and its new website.
So look out for his page that will open within the next few days, not to miss this opening, please follow this link by clicking here.

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Photo Birgitta

Tying flies at full speed for tomorrow's premiere of Berby River. In exactly one day I sit enjoying a good whiskey with good friends, the start is at 2400 tomorrow night.
Unfortunately, my good friend Nils Ottersen  not to attend, had income sms from him earlier tonight he will not be home from his fishing in Cuba because of problems with air travel.

He will fly first on Thursday to Norway, but there are many worse places to stay on than Havana.
But we will meet on Friday night instead, when  also Lennart Bergqvist will join us.

Nils Ottersen and Frede Hognestad in River Dee

River Dee Photo Thomas Thore
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Got an email from Ole Wisler a while back with some pictures from the River Dee, was also interesting to read about salmon and sea trout fishing in Denmark.

Writes about it in English below, you can follow the link for more information.

Adds out some of the nice pictures that Ole Wisler attached to me.

Salmon regulations 2012

• The salmon fishing season opens April 16th and closes October
15th in the river Skjern and the River Storå.

• The salmon fishing season opens April 16th and closes October
31st in the following rivers and watersheds: River Varde,
River Kongeåen, River Sneum, River Brede, River Vidåen and
the River Ribe Watersheds.

• Angling with fish's roe and prawns is prohibited.

• Use only one hook on your line – single, double or treble. Only
barbless hooks are allowed.

• Fishing with natural, live or scented baits is only allowed if you
use barbless circle hooks.

• Coarse fishing with (single) hooks size 12 or smaller is allowed.

• The regulations above do not apply for lake fishing, except
regulations regarding prohibitions against use of fish's roe and

The above-mentioned regulations do not apply for fishing in the
River Gudenåen. Salmon fishing is open from January 16th. to
November 15th., if you are a member of Bjerringbro Sportsfiskerforening.
Day ticket holders are only allowed to fish from April 1st
to the 31st of October.
The season on Langå Sportsfiskerforening runs from March 1st to
October 31st.

Salmon quotas 2012

The wild Danish salmon is a protected species and fishing for
it is based on a restricted catch limit. These catch limits do not
affect stocks negatively. The new catch limits have recently been


Streams Total >75 cm <75 cm
Storå     170  85     85
Skjern Å  400 180    220
Varde Å   160  80     80
Sneum Å    80  40     40
Kongeå     50  25     25
Ribe Å    100  50     50
Brede Å    60  30     30
Vidå       50  25     25


Size limit for salmon: 60 cm

NOTE! It is prohibited to kill more than one salmon per angler
per river or stream. Once the quota for a river or stream is reached,
all salmon must be released.


To read more click here


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Photo Thomas Thore Photo Thomas Thore


I've been invited to fish in Berby River at the premiere May 23 and they next few days with my good fishing friend Nils Ottersen from Halden.

Should the same time documenting this premiere with all participants in the form of pictures, movies and stories from people on the site and of course my own experiences from those days.


I have not fished here since 2004, when I was here with Kent Ström and Henrik Hoobik

Berby River Photo Thomas Thore

Enningdal (Berby River) is the name of the 13 km long river stretch between the sea Bullaren in Sweden and Iddefjorden in Halden municipality. For fishing enthusiasts are Enningdal known as a great salmon river, salmon with a record of 17.7 kg and average weight of 4.5 kg. The river fishing opens on 23 May and the fishing ends August 15. AJFF Halden manage and cultivate the river. They have done with enthusiasm since 1986.


Renegotiation of iddefjordskonvensjonen meant that the new rules apply from 2010. Sport fishing in the river has been shortened by one week, starting now 23 May. Net fishing in Iddefjorden starts a week before May 16 and end on 15 August, along with sport fishing. Compared with Norway in general, then fished it 3 times as long as the yarn cross-fjord Iddefjorden. This is a result of negotiations with the Swedish authorities.


Would you like to learn more about this little river, and they great big salmon that swim here, please click here

Henrik Hoobik fishes the upper part of Berby River

Berby River Photo Thomas Thore

Enningdalsvassdraget is one of very few major salmon rivers in southeastern Norway. Watershed, much of its original natural watercourse intact and has an early migratory salmon population who are moderately affected by outside influences. Enningdal is the sydøstligste salmon rivers and the border is managed in cooperation with Sweden.
Enningdal have their sources in the northern Boksjø-tracts in Aremark, Halden and Dals Ed (Sweden), following the border in Southern Boksjø, Hallerødelva, North Kornsjø, go through Mellan-Kornsjön, Southern Kornsjön, preach älv and Bullaresjöene in Sweden, angles north and go about 1 mil in Idd as Enningdal / Berby River. The river has 1/3 of the catchment area in Østfold and 2/3 in Dalsland / Bohuslän. North and South Boksjø are the main lakes of the upper river. The main page includes Ørsjøen river. This page waterway joins Enningdal about 1 km before it flows into Iddefjorden. Elja is a branch west of the northern Kornsjø that runs along the main river near the mouths of Bullaresjøen close to the border to Sweden. Bright Water and Upper Elgvatn belong to this sidegreinen.

Berby River Photo Thomas Thore

The river is characterized by the pond and slowly flowing - elsewhere rapids and small waterfalls. The most important spawning areas for salmon in the river bottom (northern) parts between Berby Mjølnerød farm and waterfall, a distance of 5 km.
Watershed is a relatively large lavlandsvassdrag, 70 km long river, with river basin 780 km2, and mean flow about 11 m3/sec. The catchment area is dominated by coniferous forest 70%, water 11%, 11% marsh and arable land 8%. According to NVE's water register has 60 river lakes larger than 1.2 ha, with a total area of 29,146 square kilometers. Most lakes on the Norwegian side is located between 120-220 m Length of natural salmon distance: 29 km
(Including 15 km on the Swedish side) Norwegian side: the main string 13 km, tributary Ørbekken 0.6 km
Sweden: Northern Bullaresjø 8 km. Långevallsãlven 1 km. Southern Bullaresjø: 6 km. Proclaim the river 0.3 km
Enningdal (Berby River) outlet forms a large, shallow estuarine area on the border with Sweden. The landscape has "Western touch" with relatively steep hillsides, with heights show 200 meters at the mouth. River follows the fault, which runs south - north, from Bullaren in Sweden - via Enningdalen and further north Iddefjorden to Halden city.

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Click on the image to sign Click on the image to sign

Now settled Baltic salmon's future.
You can make a difference.
During the year, the EU will decide on a new management plan for Baltic salmon. The contents of laxplanen is essential for the salmon future. Participate in the petition and send a letter to Marek Gróbarczyk from Poland who is responsible for Fisheries Committee opinion on laxplanen. In this letter, we demand that the EU will stop all commercial maritime fishing for salmon to wild salmon can return to their home rivers. Click on the image to sign or here

To: MEP, Marek Gróbarczyk

MEP, Carl Schlyter
MEP, Werner Kuhn
MEP, Ole Christensen
MEP, Carl Haglund
MEP, Isabella Lövin

Subject: The Multiannual plan for the Baltic salmon stock and fisheries – Phase out the offshore fishery

Dear MEP, Marek Gróbarczyk, Rapporteur of OPINION of the Committee on Fisheries on the Multiannual plan for the Baltic salmon stock and fisheries

I am writing to you concerning the European Union's plan for a new multiannual plan for the Baltic Salmon stock and fisheries.

I am sure you are aware of but I would like to reiterate the following. Baltic salmon consists of several different populations that originate from over 33 different river systems. The majority of these river populations are very weak or threatened e.g. only 58 spawning salmon were counted at the Swedish Åby river system and 13 fish in the Rickle river during the 2011 season. The present management system allows for a fishery on mixed salmon stocks at sea and thereby threatens survival of our weakest Baltic salmon populations. The creation of a new Baltic salmon management plan gives a unique opportunity to form a sustainable, economically sound and just system that allows the countries of the Baltic region to fully unleash the potential for development that this unique resource salmon gives.

I believe that salmon should be allowed to return to their natal river systems for reproduction and small scale utilization based upon each river stocks specific capacity. This would allow for conservation of weak stocks and creation of a modern sustainable utilization of the salmon resource.

Phase out the commercial open sea fishery on mixed stocks of Baltic Sea salmon.

Yours faithfully,
(Your name)

Please help us all anglers and nature lovers, by writing this.

Text and photo taken from.

Sveriges Sportfiske och Fiskevårdförbund

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If you're buying cruel, beautiful and fantastic fishing flies, hold the view after Frede Hognestad.s new website www.silverfishing.no coming soon

River Dee at Glen Luie Hotel Silverfishing.no Photo Thomas Thore

Frede is an amazing guy with an incredible amount of knowledge, so my advice is. Will you buy flies contact Frede, you will not be disappointed.

River Dee Garden Pool Frede Hognestad an David Murray Photo Thomas Thore
River Dee Millenium Pool Photo Thomas Thore
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Nä nu kan jag inte låta bli, jag har skrivit om Bornholm på min sida men jag har uttryckligen skrivit att jag inte är emot Trolling men tävlings formen i sig då menar jag att dom 6 största ska vägas in.. det är inte okej. Nu är jag flugfiskare själv så jag förstår en del av era argument men vissa av er är helt ute och cyklar, tänker då på alla er som skriker på Facebook ang. Bornholm Trolling Masters.


Hur är det med tex. med det tidiga vår fisket i älvarna som många av er bedriver där man på den ena hemsidan efter den andra kan se bilder på hur man poserar med utlekta laxar (den som ni värnar om) borde man inte stå över detta ? är det verkligen okej att starta sitt laxfiske i tex Mörrum på premiären eller ännu tidigare uppe i Svängsta mm. Nu tror/vet jag att dessa inte slås ihjäl men är det rätt att ens fiska på dem i detta tillstånd ?


Är det verkligen okej att starta fisket så tidigt i tex Mörrum, hur många blanklaxar finns det där då ?. Det är ju samma som om dom Norska älvarna skulle öppna i mars/april månad ? Hade det varit okej ?

Nej en gemensam insatts oavsett hur man sportfiskar då tänker jag på regler som gör det bättre för laxen, som tex Johan Abelsson nämner på Facebook inför för nästa år, en kraftig bag limit skall införas oavsett hur man bedriver sitt Sportfiske.



Jag gick in på Mörrums hemsida och hämtade lite text och bild som ni ser nedan, är detta att värna om den så sköra lax stam som vi har ?, nej det är det inte enl. mig i alla fall.


Så istället för att slänga skit på varandra så tror jag att vi alla behöver samla oss och vara eniga om hur respektive sportfiske metod skall bedrivas för att värna om laxen.


Hur man organiserar detta är jag inte rätt man att ut tala mig om men jag kommer att ta ett samtal med Martin Falklind om detta.

Sveaskogs nya VD P-O Wedin fångade premiärlax 2012-03-30 05:04

Sveaskogs nya VD gästade Mörrums Kronolaxfiske för första gången. Han fångade en stor laxhona strax innan poolbyte i "fyran". Efter en spännande drillning landades fisken säkert och återutattes varsamt till sitt rätta element.


"hämtat från mörrums hemsida finns inga uppgifter om vem som har skrivit eller fotograferat"


Fiskar i detta tillstånd är det Sportfiske ? borde vi ens ges möjligheten att fånga dem ?

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I 1840 kom de første britiske sportsfiskerne til Årøyelven for å nyte det spennende fiske i en meget spesiell og spektakulær elv.
Helt siden den gang har Årøyelven hatt et rykte på seg for å være en av de beste sportsfiske-elvene i verden.

Årøyelven har vært i Munthe-familiens ene-eie siden 1746. Dette er unikt i Norge. Og dermed kan du nyte å ha elva helt for deg selv. Begge sider, fra elvemunningen til toppen. Med sin usjenerte beliggenhet innerst i den korte Barsnesfjorden, en liten arm av Sognefjorden, er stedet omgitt av høye fjell og vakker natur. Dette er et sted som innbyr til fred og ro i en ellers travel hverdag.

Årøyelven er en storlakselv, hvor laksen har en svært høy snittvekt. Stammen kjennetegnes med sin korte og dype form - Årøylaksen er i likhet med elven; kort og krafig.

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