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Photo Thomas Thore

Yesterday's photo assignment for Danny Saucedo, was a lot of good pictures that they purchased directly. I'll post some of those who were not sold here, has much to teach me to shoot in this environment it is not easy with all lighting applications

Photo Thomas Thore
Photo Thomas Thore
Photo Thomas Thore
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Dear ASR Fishing Friends,

With the opening weeks of the big salmon season just around the corner, we have a limited - last minute offer to join us for the first two spring weeks on the Rynda (26th May - 9th June) for $4200 USD/rod.

We are also pleased to report that the snow levels along with the early spring conditions seem to be very close to normal so far this season.

Behind the scenes, we have been actively preparing for the new fishing season. In addition to improving the dinning facilities at the Litza Tent camp, we are renovating the interiors of the Rynda lodge and sauna to make them even more comfortable and inviting.

If you are interested in joining us on the Kharlovka or Rynda camps this season please email Justin@kharlovka.com for more information.

Looking forward to fishing with you soon!

Vladimir and Justin

*Click here for a better Look at the Rynda

**Click here for 10 Spring Fishing Tips

Upper Kharlovka

Kharlovka Photo Thomas Thore
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Was on FishDee.s website today, when I found the following links. Proud and happy to be one of the selected

Video footage from the River Dee provided by visiting anglers.

Callum Highet with his first ever Springer landed at Invery. The fish weighed approximately 15 lbs with Callum being assisted, rather precariously, by a fishing colleague and not one of the beat Ghillies. Click Here


Click Here for Spring Salmon video action provided by Swedish fishing tour guide operator Mattias Helde. He brings groups of visitors over to Deeside from Scandinavia through his informative website.


Another dynamic piece of footage on their website showing October fishing on the River Dee can be accessed by clicking here


There is an excellent blog produced by Swedish angler and regular River Dee angler Thomas Thore. His blog contains articles, video footage and many images from Royal Deeside. Click Here and Here

Dalmore Dee Dram and Vom Hofe Photo Thomas Thore
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Watch and especially listen carefully

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