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A very happy little guy, Dad has booked salmon fishing this summer as I can go on again

Photo Thomas Thore
Hembre Gård 2005 Photo Thomas Thore Hembre Gård 2005 Photo Thomas Thore

Vi kommer att tillbringa 1 vecka på Hembre Gard som jag inte har besökt på många år nu.

Men det blir som att komma hem till mammas gata med tanke på hur många många många säsonger jag har gjort där innan, och inte nog med det för det kommer att bli en extra krydda denna gång.

Cirkeln kommer att slutas :-), jag är uppvuxen med laxfiske och flug kastning sedan barns då min pappa höll på med Casting på internationell nivå.

I detta tidiga skede av mitt fiske liv träffade jag pappas kompis Kent Ström som pappa fiskade mycket med och dom hade SOT Hölen i Gaula (Rogstadmoen/Guideline sträckan)i många många år.

Under en längre period lade pappa ner lax fisket, han var med lite sporadiskt i Norge. Men efter att varit med i Skottland för ett tag sedan så har det nu tagit fart ordentlig igen, det är skit skoj att ha med han igen.

Så nu tillbaka till den slutna cirkeln, Hembre som jag har minnen av sedan barns ben när pappa fiskade där med Kent, så skall dom efter alla dessa år sammanstråla och fiske ihop denna vecka på Hembre det kommer bli helt maxat.

Och Kents son Thomas ska med och hans barn liksom mina barn, Thomas barn och min äldsta son har träffats innan på Hembre så dom känner varandra sedan innan, medans min yngsta son inte har träffat Thomas han har bara hört talats om en incident som hände med Plåt Nicklas där för många år sedan, som slutade med att polisen kom och hämtade mig och Thomas....

Det hände en grej i Bolstad i sommras som ni inom kort kan läsa om, då sade båda mina söner.... Pappa vilken tur den gubben hade att inte din kompis Thomas var med !!! (kan bara intyga att det hade inte varit bra för den gubben, aj aj aj)

Some old pictures from the good old days, has so much wonderful memories of Hembre Gard with my friends and not least in Kent, Thomas, Thesslund, Stenis, Fat Karlsson, Inger Hembre mm.
I could fill an entire book without further only with the family Ström and all the nonsense that we have found at.

The catch after an early morning fishing on Hembre Gard

Hembre Gård 2005 Photo Peter Thesslund

Kent Ström with a fantastic catch the morning after you see above

Hembre Gård 2005 Photo Thomas Thore
Pub Kväll Hembre Gård 2001 Photo Thomas Thore
Hembre Gård 2000 Photo Thomas Thore
Hembre Gård Photo Thomas Thore
Hembre Gård 1999 Photo Ingela Ström

After our week here this summer will be a smoking hot report from Hembre Gard, we intend to take a full week of the next year. An offer to participate in 2013, comes in the fall

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Favorite in the replay!
Would appreciate it if as many people as possible take the time to read through the text below, and take a moment of reflection.

Text by Jonas Nordigårds - www.edgeflyfishing.com
Translation by Thomas Thore - www.hardcoreflyfishing.se

Catch and Release is a concept followed by us a long time and who has been an increasingly strong impact on how we choose to care for our sport fishing waters. Many waters with heavy fishing pressure or restricted stock has been a Renaissance, thanks to a widespread and well-run C & R fishing. The only problem with catch and release is that it is best applied among pure anglers and it is difficult to obtain such subsistence fishers, recreational anglers and commercial fishermen to support an extensive C & R fish when alternative fishing techniques can make the release impossible.

During the fall, signed and Nicolas Jändel at All About Fly Fishing and Lars Terkildsen on Fish Shop All Fly in Mörrum discussed a new concept which we think complement C & R, which is much easier for all those who use the fishery resource to support. The expression we want to push on and that we have chosen to give a broader definition is Limit your Kill.

The term Limit your Kill stands for an approach to fishing, which means that we anglers take our responsibility for fish resources. Precedes us by example while we build a better footing as we work to influence other actors as subsistence fishers, recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and authorities. All parties need to agree and follow the good example Limit your Kill stands for so that together we help each other to re-create the most viable fishery resource as possible.

In practice Limit your Kill to:

Limit its collection of edible fish and fish with a focus on a sustainable angling. It does not take up more food fish in an ecosystem than to a fish population can be considered minimally affected by the socket. It also selects the extent possible the fish are taken up. Really big and well adault individuals of each species carries a strong genetic base that we should seek to preserve and that it is the fish which gives most juveniles at play.

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