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Photo Matthias Holderer

Hei Thomas,


takk for sist!


Jeg har sett att dere har også tatt mer fisk etter min besök. Litt mer overskyet er helt sikkert bedre fiskevaer.


Torsdag kveld var jeg oppe på Abergeldie på Polmahalmick og etter halv timer fiske fikk jeg en fin fisk rundt 12 lbs, litt farget, på retrieved flue.


Neste Dag, Fredag var det helt perfekt. Jeg har tatt to på Jockie Fyfe, en på Symmonds (Alle Aboyne Castle) ,  og igjen en etter 3je cast på Polmahalmick.


En fisk på Aboyne castle var luset. ALLE har jeg tatt på desomme Silver Stoats Tail # 16 thin dressed jeg bundet dagen för.


Halen på mine vanlige fluer har mer material på, J Merkelige Laks, disse Dee-lakser J


Lördag steg vannet hele dag på abergeldie og så var det helt stille, men faren tatt en på tanamouth för vannet steg i Abyone.


Lykke til med fiske i åaelva. En gang tidlig på nittitallet har jeg mött Jonathan? Buxton nede på broen der og snakket med ham.


Han fortalt meg historier om gamle dager og sin far som fisket lenge siden der... Han var ganske overrasket at jeg hadde lest sin fars bok J



Som sagt, takk for hyggelige praten, og jeg håper at vi ser os neste år igjen? Du må love en besök hos oss!


Mange Hilsen og tight lines,


Matthias Holderer

Photo Matthias Holderer
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Photo John-Eric Thore

A really challenging week for salmon anglers fishing the River Dee with river levels at such a low level for this time of year. One Ghillie quoted it as the lowest level he could recall in many a long year for the time of year. Historically good levels of snow in the mountains and corries would melt slowly providing a sufficiency of water to keep the river level toped up through May. We have had the warmest April for many a long year and this has depleted the snow reservoir significantly. That said I don’t want to sound pessimistic as anglers still produced a very creditable 144 salmon and 15 sea trout for the week. Low water and bright skies make angling a real challenge and most anglers prefer to fish early mornings and late into the evenings. This is when the 9-5 office hours fishing routine changes to out of office hour’s routine.

Toby Owen with salmon

There appear to be very good numbers of salmon spread throughout then catchment as this following snapshot of catch returns indicates. Park 18 salmon, Carlogie 12, Cambus O’May 11 as did Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld with beats like Dess, Birse and Aboyne Castle picking away. Sea trout numbers picked up a little as you would expect with 15 reported. Lower Invercauld reported a 7lb sea tout in their return and if I recall correctly an angler last year around this time of year produced a very good sea trout. It’s unusual to hear of big sea trout on the River Dee as compared to other east coast rivers like the River Tweed that can produce sea trout in excess of 10lbs regularly.

Ray Cuthcee playing a salmon

Now onto correspondence; many thanks to all the anglers for getting in touch, and providing their anecdotes and feedback. Both myself, and the readers of the weekly River Dee news are always interested in reading about visiting anglers experiences. Firstly Ross Macdonald, who is a very talented and innovative fly tier and creator of the Park Shrimp, has tied a new pattern he is calling the Lochy Shrimp. He was able to get up to Waterside as a guest of a gentleman from Edinburgh who couldn’t manage, and give this pattern its first freshwater trials and it did the trick in very low water on a bright sunny day. He advised ‘Hi Ken, I had a day on Waterside and Ferrar on Thursday. As ever, I had a wonderful day out in the beautiful surroundings of upper Deeside. Despite the bright conditions, ghillie Dave Goodfellow's optimism kept me focused on the job in hand and I was lucky to catch a fresh run salmon of 9lb, on a Lochy Shrimp in the Kirks Pool. I had the pleasure of fishing with Ray Cuthcee of Kent, who landed a similar fish from the same lie on a Silver Stoat. I attach a couple of pics of Ray in action. Tight lines and lets pray for rain.’ I also received an e-mail from Jesper Holm Neilsen who was presented with the Park Trophy last week for the biggest salmon in 2010 from the River Dee. Jesper commented ‘Hi Ken, Home again after a tough week – who said that fishing for Salmon is easy? I managed to get one more at Lower Blackhall, lost a couple of “good ones” and had some violent takes. All of these on skating fly (“Titanic”). When I left, the river was steadily rising, and I now see from the river levels, that you got plenty of water. Let’s hope this will inspire a lot more Salmons to rise. ‘

I received an e-mail from Simon Brown this morning who commented ‘Morning Ken, I have attached a photo of Toby Owen who was top rod on Carlogie last week catching 8 fish which was quite a challenge in the very low conditions. A 10 foot rod and 7 weight line accounted for most of his success. There were a lot of fish in the beat but many were coloured and showing some signs of disease due to the conditions. No doubt this spate will improve things. We were also delighted to have the evergreen Alan Lankshear in our party still putting in a full shift and catching fish at 80.Regards Simon Brown.’ Mark Linley-Adams also wrote to me last week and he advised ‘Ken, Dr Brian Richardson and Dr Mark Linley-Adams had the pleasure of fishing Waterside and Ferrar 25-29/4 April. Brian, on his 50th birthday (28/4) was broken by a 20lb+ fish (dropper) after it towed him to the bottom of the pool and back for a good five minutes. Biggest salmon he’d ever hooked, he is sure. He recovered by getting an 8lb fish later in the morning. There were fish seen in Waterside, a large number holding there, and some monsters- no fish at all moving elsewhere hardly at all – I had 15lb Waterside,14lb Upper Kirk – fish muscled like a Tuna,12lb Waterside completed a trio in a week that looked pretty depressing at Monday lunchtime. Brian had 2 x 8lbers. Waterside, itself a banker in such conditions. All caught tiny black doubles-S Stoat, Green Highlander etc, often on a dropper.’ Thanks to Mark and Simon for writing with their news.

If you have been fortunate enough to land a prized Springer this week then please send me an image of the fish being returned to the River for the FishDee website. You may also want a memento from your trip to Deeside and toast your success. I can recommend the new Dalmore Dee Dram which is on sale at George Strachan's shop in Aboyne and a number of the hotels in the valley; it is now available in London at Friarwood Fine Wine, 26 New Kings Road, London, and Tel 020 7736 2628. It can be purchased online at this link A significant contribution from each bottle sold will go to the River Dee Trust to help fund obstacle removal and other important salmon conservation work programmes currently underway. Please write to me, Ken Reid, with any news or reports of success to ken@riverdee.org and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd May 2011.

Photo John-Eric Thore


At last, a good spate arrived on Sunday following heavy rainfall and by tea time the river had risen by 6 feet at Park and is now dropping back quite quickly. The river badly needed a lift in water levels and providing there is not too much sediment the river will start fishing well over the next couple of days. I was on the riverbank yesterday with some other volunteers as part of the Bonnie Banchory initiative, where we were removing litter from the River bank at Lower Blackhall on the Kinneskie side, and the river was big but not too dirty.The weather forecasts I have looked at are indicating it will be a pleasant fishing week for anglers with air temperature maxima forecast around 18 degrees Celsius with a river temperature around 11 degrees Celsius. Winds are forecast to be reasonably light but occasionally it may get blustery. Winds will start the week in a south easterly direction but will swing around to a westerly direction by the end of the week. There will be regular rain showers through the week interspersed with sunny spells. Hopefully there will be enough rainfall to keep the river at a decent height through the week. The maritime influence is indicating tides will rise through the week at Aberdeen from 3.5 metres to 4.1 metres which could encourage new fish forward; perhaps some early Grilse may arrive.

River Dee at Potarch Bridge Sunday 8th May


Anglers should bring tackle to cope with a variety of conditions; the river may be high at the beginning of the week and low by the end of the week. Listen closely and follow the guidance of your beat Ghillie. Our Ghillies will know the best tactics to adopt and where to fish on your chosen beat to give you the best opportunity for success. Our Ghillies will know the best lies to cover and how to present your fly effectively so please heed their advice. If you don't have the services of a ghillie to call on you may find it useful to fish with a floating line, with or without a short intermediate sink tip. Small flies or micro tubes with cone heads should give you opportunities, but perseverance is the key to success as fish will be running from pool to pool. Patterns to choose could be the Park Shrimp, Allys Shrimp, Posh Tosh, Crathie fly, Silver Stoats tail, Calvin's Shrimp, Bertie Dastard and the Icelandic Frances flies. There will also be scope to use Sunray shadow flies and monkey flies, but not too long winged. There may be some big fish caught this week so please ensure you have a camera with you and a tape measure too.

River Bank clear up with volunteers

Anglers are requested to report any suspicious activity on the river bank to the River Office hotline on 013398 80411 where there is 24 hour cover from our Bailiff patrols. I was delighted to hear that Mr Neil Rae, the new owner of the excellent Raemoir House Hotel, Scottish Country house Hotel of the year award winner 2011, which is beside Banchory, have fantastic packages for visiting angers with special rates from £50 per night for bed and breakfast for groups of 3 or more staying for 3 nights or more. Anglers looking to secure accommodation should call Mr Rae in the first instance on 01330 824884. There are similar offers from the super Tor Na Coille hotel who can be contacted on 01330 822242. The Loch Kinord Hotel at Dinnet also has angler's special packages and proprietor Andrew Cox advised 'We do have special nightly offers for fishermen, and 7 night stays from £250pp B&B. Also self catering lodges behind the hotel with a lodge sleeping 4 from £75pp for 7 nights! (£300pw) with the benefit of the hotel bar & restaurant on your doorstep serving excellent meals.' These hotels are offering great value and have really high standards of comfort, cuisine and service. Copyright FishDee Ltd May 2011.


Beat catches reported
(week ending 7th May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Upper Drum and Lower Durris 1, Tilbouries 1, Park 18, Lower Crathes and W Durris 4, Knappach 1, Invery 4, Lower Blackhall 2, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 2, Middle Blackhall 2, Cairnton 2, Woodend 3, Lower Woodend 1, Commonty 1, Ballogie 2, Borrowston 2, Kincardine 8, Carlogie 12, Lower Dess 5, Upper Dess 7, Birse 8, Aboyne Water 1, Aboyne Castle 6, Craigendinnie 7, Waterside and Ferrar 7, Dinnet 6, Deecastle 4, Headinch and Cambus O'May 11, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 11, Abergeldie 2, Crathie 3.
Total: 144 Largest: Park & Kincardine 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Tilbouries 1, Park 2, Lower Crathes and W Durris 2, Invery 4, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 1, Ballogie 1, Aboyne Water 1, Craigendinnie 1, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 2.
Total: 15 Largest: Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 7lbs



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River Dee 0430 on Friday morning

Photo Thomas Thore

Sista dagen med fiske för mig i River Dee för denna gång, planet går 0610 i morgon bitti så det är inget fiske på morgonen innan avresa så som det brukar vara. Känner mig extremt laddad när jag går upp 0400 för att köra ett morgon pass på ett par timmar, John Flamingo går upp samma tid som mig och han vill gärna ta Pittslugg på morgonen och det får han gärna om han vill. Så då återstår Jockray och Mill Pool för mig. Med gårdagens lyckade fiske så har jag stort självförtroende när jag börjar mitt fiske med dessa xs small hardcoreflies, fisket startas i Mill Pool längs upp på toppen med kast på ca 3-4 meter utanför topp öglan ( bara tafsen ute ) det var här jag tappade 2 fiskar igår men i dag händer det inte ett skit. Men precis som hela veckan så är det extremt mycket fisk i Mill, kan se att det är en del ny fisk som kommer nu på morgonen. Kommer mig ner strax ovanför Elefant stenen här är ett extremt giftigt parti som alltid höjer pulsen på mig, det är här det skall hända om det händer ;-)…..

Yiiiieehaaa även denna gång börjar detta fantastiska pirrande fortplanta sig från flugan genom tafsen, fluglinan och upp i spöt…. FAN det är ett helvete att hålla sig lugn ( men jag lyckas ) slingan släpps och jag höjer spöt… FAST FISK igen ;-)… Då kommer John tillbaka från Pittslugg och säga vad man vill om han men fotograf är han inte men det blir ett par bilder i alla fall, en fin springer på ca 9-10 lbs. Känns inte som om man kan få ett bättre avslut på sitt vår fiske i Dee, nu kan jag ägna dagen åt whiskey och packning för att avsluta med ett kvälls pass.

Yiiiieeeeehaaa Salmon on again

Tough journey down the River

A nice salmon which has been a week in the River

Men men innan detta skall göras så går John ut efter mig för att ta sig ner genom Mill han också, och tro det eller ej men ( skit samma vad ni tror för det finns bilder på detta också ;-) ) på exakt samma heta ställe så drar han på en kanon  springer han också, vilket fantastiskt morgon pass i denna helt gudomliga älv och dessa helt grymma omgivningar, ja jag vet inte vad som slår detta denna tid på året. Kort efter det att vi sitter i gräset på älvkanten och bara njuter så kommer det en fiskare på andra sidan för att fiska Mill Pool på Carlogie.s sida, detta finns det inga bilder på tyvärr men på exakt samma plats igen fast från motsatt sida så landas det ännu en springers ;-). Nu är det frukost sedan är det sova som gäller ute på gräset ett par timmar, hinner inte mer än somna så kommer regnet, så det är bara till att flytta in i sängen. 

Salmon has just taken the fly

Photo Thomas Thore

fish fight at full speed

Photo Thomas Thore

Damn it was hard to get hold of you

Photo Thomas Thore

A very happy fly fisherman from river dee

Photo Thomas Thore

Hinner inte mer än somna till igen så kommer nästa avbrott i min skönhets sömn detta i form av MARK PATERSON vår gamla ghillie och vän. Fan va kul att han kom vi missade varandra förra året, men håller veckovis kontakt via nätet, men alltid roligare live. Han arbetar numera åt statens fiskebiologi avdelning och har River Dee som sitt arbets område, snacka om att ha det så bra man kan ha det ;-), och inte nog med det. 

Mark Paterson

Photo Thomas Thore

Jag har ju nämnt tidigare i min blogg att han kanske kommer att dra igång en fiske skola samt Casting skola vid River Dee med Guideline som sponsor och detta är nu helt klart och kommer att starta under denna säsong, på en sträcka strax ovanför Aboyne Bridge. Får samtidigt höra hans story från Australien och hur det gick när han skar upp hela underarmen på en fiske tur, Yngve och jag skrattade så vi höll på att ramla ner på golvet  ( Mark är verkligen en frisk fläkt och kul som få ). Mark kommer att hjälpa oss att förhoppnings vis komma åt en bra sträcka eller två till nästa år fast tidigare på säsongen, Yngve och jag har för avsikt att sätta ihop ett bra paket till en begränsad grupp tills nästa säsong, återkommer med detta när det har landat helt. 

Yngve Landro and Mark Paterson

Photo Thomas Thore
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Igår när jag åkte upp till Huntly and Arms Hotel i Aboyne så  var klockan ca 1100, tanken var att jag skulle sätta mig och arbeta en liten stund. Men det visade sig att puben redan var öppen och en hel del folk på plats. Så jag blev sittandes där ett bra tag innan datorn ens öppnades, till slut flyttade jag in i hotell delen av byggnaden, där det blev ytterligare en öl. Jobbade undan lite nnc mail innan det blev lite bloggande på Hardcoreflyfishing, idag har jag haft besök a min tyska vän Mattias som fiskar på Aboyne Castle, Birkhall och Abergildie dom har haft ganska bra fiske trots det låga vattnet. Dom har fått 2 stycken var han och hans vän Holger, dom fiskar med extremt små flugor storlek 14-16.

Photo Thomas Thore

Hade även besök av Jesper Holm Nielsen från Danmark som fiskar nere på Blackhall, dom har haft det trögt precis som oss men har lyckats lura ett par på riktigt stora bombers, i höstas så landade Jesper en 40 lbs lax på Lower Dess uppe i Pitslugg, han visade bilder på denna stora fantastiska höst hane. Tanken var att efter det att jag arbetat här skulle åkt på en liten tur upp över dalen men så blev det inte för när jag kom utanför dörren på hotellet möttes jag a REGN…. JIIIHHHEEEHA !!!

Photo Thomas Thore

Rätt hem till huset och fram med bindgrejorna för att binda några xs hardcoreflies, knåpade ihop 6-7 stycken som skulle prövas omgående, knöt om tafsen med 0.26 i spetsen och på med denna extremt lilla fluga, vingen är endast 1 cm lång.

Photo John-Eric Thore

Började längst upp i Mill 20 meter ner i denna pool ligger en stor sten mitt i älven, framför denna sten klev den första fisken på som jag tyvärr tappade efter 30 sekunder. Kollade över flugan och tafsen innan jag fortsatte min resa ner genom poolen, men hann endast fiska ca 25 meter innan jag känner att det börjar små dra i flugan efter ett tag blir det tyngre så jag släpper slingan och höjer spöt…. FAST FISK (detta filmas med GOPRO). 


Good Springer from Lower Dess 9 lbs

Photo John-Eric Thore

Det var en fin springers på ca 9 lbs. Yngve fiska sig igenom Mill utan att känna något, kort efter det att Yngve kommit på land så tar jag mig en tur igen, hinner inte mer än starta fisket längst upp i poolen förrän jag står och drillar igen ;-), men även denna släpper.

Now, suddenly, all tying flies

Photo Thomas Thore

Fortsätter ner mot Jettis men jag hinner inte komma ner till gränsen förrän det är dags att släppa slingan igen, jisses denna lax är det fart på innan jag knappt hinner fatta att jag har fisk på igen så har den dragit i väg med 20-30 meter backing. 

Photo John-Eric Thore

Får ta mig i land för att följa fisken ner i Jettis, efter en ganska tuff drillning så kommer det in en fantastisk springers på ca 14 lbs. Nästa vända ner genom poolen så har jag en dragning så detta var en helt fantastisk kväll i River Dee och Lower Dess. Och allt detta på denna 1 cm fluga helt fantastiskt, helt sjukt hur dom kan se denna lilla skapelse framför allt med tanke på att detta hände i skymningen och nästan fullständigt mörker. Väl inne i huset så firas detta med att sätta mig vid bindstädet och en stor DEE DRAM i glaset brevid mig. 

Hard, tough fight in the dark

Photo John-Eric Thore

Hardcore(flyfishing) fighting

Photo John-Eric Thore

Yngve helps me unleashed the flie

Photo John-Eric Thore

Fantastic Springer from river dee

Photo John-Eric Thore
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Our ghillie explaining carefully what comes under these difficult conditions

Photo Thomas Thore

I dag kommer det tilltänkta köpare till Lower Dess Estate inflygda från bla. London för att titta. Får verkligen hoppas att detta inte påverkar fisket framöver för oss enl, vår ghillie så är det inte säkert att dom som kommer har för avsikt att driva fisket vidare, så tiden får väl utvisa hur det blir och beroende på vem det är som köper det. Morgonens fiske gav inget mer än ett par känningar, känns riktigt trögt just nu och vattnet sjunker stadigt hela tiden, dog även en tur upp till Red Brai men inget där heller. Dagarna tillbringas i gräset nere vid älven med en god Dee Dram eller två ;-). I dag var det Yngve som stod för lunchen och precis när vi slog oss ned ute vid bordet anlände de första spekulanterna på Lower Dess. Yngve serverade både dem och oss kaffe och whiskey. 

Photo Thomas Thore

Jag lade hela kvälls passet längst ner på Lower Dess på en pool som heter Jock Ray inte så mycket som en dragning ens fiskade med allt från dubbel krok storlek 12 till Sunray 10-12 cm samt bomber. Ända reaktionen var att när jag fiskade Sunrayen så blev det oroligt som bara fan i poolen runt flugan, men det var också allt.

Lower Dess House in the middle of the night, taken from the mill pool

Photo Thomas Thore

Resten av kvällen gick till fotografering med stativet och långa slutar tider, blev en del riktigt coola bilder. Pappa fick en 10 lbs uppe på Abergildie i dag så nu är han rejält fast i lax träsket IGEN. Väl inkommen i huset igen så sitter där en glad norrman i soffan med whiskey i ena handen och en öl i den andra ;-) gissa vem detta kan vara ? yes..... Yngve Landro. Johannes har lagt hela kvällen uppe i Pitslugg tyvärr ingen fisk men 5 rejäla dragningar, så helt hopplöst är det inte. Väderleks rapporten visar på omslag i vädret tills i morgon då det skall bli molnigt och gråväder, förhoppnings vis kommer detta omslag göra att det blir lite mer aktivitet på fisken. I morgon kommer ett par tyska vänner till mig på besök Mattias och Holger dom fiskar sedan 20 år tillbaka på Aboyne Castle fast i år har dom även fiske på Birkhall samt Abergildie, ska bli spännande att höra hur det går för dem.

Do not give food to the animals

Photo Thomas Thore
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Fantastic morning at lower dess in mill pool

Photo Thomas Thore

Morgonen började med en tur ner genom Mill Pool, det blev 2 dragningar på denna tur genom poolen. Det är så extremt mycket fisk i älven och framförallt i Mill Pool, fisken samlas just nu i dessa lite djupare pooler nu när vattenståndet är så fantastiskt lågt, ägaren till Lower Dess berättade för oss tidigare i dag att älven inte har varit så här låg i maj månad på 40 år. Solen skiner på klarblå himmel från morgon till kväll och enl. väderleks rapporten skall den göra det hela denna vecka ut. Men skam den som ger sig, dagtid fiskar vi bara sporadiskt, men vi blir väldigt aktiva fram på kvällen, Yngve tappar en fin fisk i Mill nu på kvällen själv har jag fiske uppe på bomber men den vill inte fastna , jag fortsätter min färd ner över älven för att vid 2200 tiden komma ner till Hollies. Nu är det rejält mörkt ute så nu åker det på en Sunray på ca. 8 cm, den hinner inte leta sig många meter ner över älven förrän den blir tuggad på, men inget händer. Nytt kast samma ställe samma längd YIIIHAAA fast fisk, en fantastisk springer på ca 10 lbs som efter en kort drillning får sin frihet åter. Min pappa John-Eric fiskar på Bolmorals sträckor längre upp i älven och han har tappat fisk idag, så helt omöjligt är det inte trots de förutsättningar vi har. I morgon kommer det flera tilltänkta köpare till Lower Dess, så vi har blivit till frågade om vi vill vara behjälpliga med att svara på eventuella frågor ang. fisket.

vip guests

Photo Thomas Thore

Min vän Ken Reid kommer på besök varje dag, alltid kul att träffa han samt få dags färsk information om resten av älven. Det är ett helt fantastiskt arbete som dom gör med River Dee, vi har så mycket att lära av dessa killar och tjejer hemma i Sverige och Norge ja jisses va vi är akterseglade på detta plan. 


Yngve was fine before evening, with flowers in her hair

Photo Thomas Thore
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Yngve Landro Fixar till elden

Photo Thomas Thore

Anlände till Aberdeen klockan 2200, rätt in i bilen och upp till Lower Dess. Där mötes jag av min mycket goda vän Yngve Landro som hade dukat fram med lite gott tilltug samt öl och sist men inte minst WHISKEY, vi kom inte i säng förrän klockan 0300 i morse. Pappa och jag satt uppe sedan långt efter det att Yngve lagt sig, det var allt från att få ordning på flugor till att spola på backing på rullar samt rigga spöna.

Det är extremt mycket fisk i älven fast det blir inte så många ställen att fiska på då det är det lägsta vattenståndet jag någonsin har haft här och solen skiner från en klarblå himmel.

Yngve och John-Eric Kollar alla laxar som visar sig i Mill Pool, Helt sjukt mycket fisk i älven

Photo Thomas Thore

Yngve får en liten genom gång av Eian

Fishing Pitslugg in River Dee at Lower Dess

Reaction filmas med action camera GOPRO

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I natt har jag fått min email kidnappad och nedanstående brev har gått utt till alla mina kontakter... OBS!!! det kommer inte från mig.

Från: Thomas Thore [mailto:hardcoreflyfishing@gmail.com]
Skickat: den 2 maj 2011 03:22




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Please I need financial assistance. I would like you to help me with ( 1055.00 Euro ) or any amount you could avoid. I will refund it back immediately on my arrival,even with interest if you don't mind. I am sending this email with shock right now because they rubbed me at a gun point. The more i stay here, the higher the bills.If you are ready to help me, you can just send the money over to me via Western Union, as I still can't use my bank account presently. I have to get home first and confirm my identity again. I am quite sure there is a Western Union office around you , or you can easily found nearest location to you through their website (www.westernunion.com) .These are all the information you will need to send the fund.


Use My Name    Thomas Thore


Address:     75 King's George Avenue,

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 Kindly, e-mail the MTCN of the fund once the payment is done.You will have to email me,the sender full name,The exact amount sent on the receipt after the transfer.

 Thanks for your kindness. Please get back to me via my email as soon as you can. I don't have access to Phone.I will expect your response Asap.


Best Regards

Thomas Thore


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Photo John-Eric Thore

Recent Catches


Another excellent weeks fishing for visiting anglers to the River Dee with FishDee beats reporting 242 for the week up to this point; there may be later catches still to be added. Ballogie reported 29 salmon for the week, which was an excellent return, Dinnet and Deecastle reported 27 salmon, with Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld reporting 25 salmon as did Park beats. Given the difficult conditions with low water levels and very bright skies, this is a remarkable achievement from anglers and River Dee Ghillies. The reports filtering through are plenty of fish about, however many will not take the fly well and many hook-ups are tentative at times with fish being lost early into the fight. There are fish distributed well throughout the catchment now and anglers should be covering fish wherever they are fishing. I should also mention that experienced anglers are doing well with anglers used to fishing these difficult conditions, fishing with the right tackle and delicate presentation making the bulk of catches.

I am grateful to Sean Stanton, Ballogie Estates Head Ghillie who reported 'Hi Ken Just a quick note to tell you about the great catches last week, both Ballogie and Carlogie broke 50 fish for the month with Ballogie finishing on 64. Peter Terndrup's party at Ballogie had 29 salmon for their week, up to 16lb with peter himself landing 18 salmon, this was a huge achievement considering the average catch for the month as a whole is just over 30 fish. Mike Wrightson's party at Carlogie had 12 and celebrated breaking 50 for the month, Mike was delighted to have the honour of catching the 50th fish, pretty good for a party whose average age was 82 years old, and long may they continue to catch fish.' Peter Terndrup commented to me via Facebook 'It was amazing fishing. We had 29 salmon in total for the party despite the low water conditions. The pools were full of fish and they liked our small tubes.' I was delighted to meet Mike and his friends for lunch at Carlogie during the week and they were having a very enjoyable time-thanks for the kind invitation.

I was also delighted to receive an in depth report from regular Dee angler and PGA golf professional Sam Jarman who reported 'Hi Ken, Hope all good with you. Just a quick run through of our time with Archie Hay at Crathie last week. It was great to find him back on form after his illness last year. It makes such a difference when conditions are tricky to have someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic to offer advice and encouragement. As you know the weather wasn't helpful, with temperatures as low as minus 5 overnight and clear blue skies during the day. The river level fell away towards the end of the week and fishing early and late was the order of the day. Despite this we managed a few fish, highlight of the week being a first salmon for Pete Swinfen, a superb 17lb hen from McLaren on Tuesday morning after a really good scrap. Pete commented that there was no way he would have landed it without Archie being there to advise and assist and eventually net it. The fish was safely returned.

The rest of the party had some good sport, I had 4 fish, with 2 in 3 casts from Garland on Tuesday, Phil Roberts managed his first Dee salmon from Queens on Saturday morning, and John Fyfe was unlucky to only land one fish, losing half a dozen more. This was to be a common occurrence with everyone having at least one long range release story to tell. We were seeing salmon in nearly every pool, but takes were tentative and even fish which seemed well hooked were finding ways of getting off. First time salmon fisher Chris McKirgan had an exciting but frustrating day on Monday, hooking three fish and playing them all for a few minutes, but unfortunately not managing to get one to the net. I'm pretty sure he will be back.All the fish came to small flies, Stoats Tails, Silver Shrimps and Crathies being the popular choices. I had a lot of fun raising a number of fish to a small hitched Collie Dog, such an exciting way of fishing in these conditions. Another very enjoyable week on Deeside. After the cold temperatures and high water of the last two years it was very pleasant to be fishing in shirt sleeves and to see so many fish in the pools. Fingers crossed for some rain in the next few days to keep them moving through. All the best for the rest of the season, speak to you soon, Sam' I am also very grateful to Ian Murray for his report from Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld this morning who advised 'It was a good week for our beats with Michael Cook having his first ever salmon after a number of years trying, and Charlie Barton also catching his first salmon. We were using small flies and micro tubes and we are still catching sea liced fish. We are fortunate that our beats fish in all water heights.' Dave Walker kindly wrote and commented 'Just a short note, I had the good fortune to fish Lower Woodend last Thursday 21st. I was shown round the beat the evening before by Rory Cooper, the setting beautiful and so quiet. Arrived with expectation at 8.00 am the next morning and started fishing around 9.15. Fifth cast of the day delivered an 11lber on a lightly dressed stoat's tail as advised by Rory. All the better that three guys at the opposite hut witnessed it. As you know, I am relatively new to salmon fishing and this represents the biggest fish I have caught to date. I will be back at Lower Woodend, availability permitting.' Congratulations to David for his success at the delightful Lower Woodend.

If you have been fortunate enough to land a prized Springer this week then please send me an image of the fish being returned to the River for the FishDee website. You may also want a memento from your trip to Deeside and toast your success. I can recommend the new Dalmore Dee Dram which is on sale at George Strachan's shop in Aboyne and a number of the hotels in the valley; it is now available in London at Friarwood Fine Wine, 26 New Kings Road, London, and Tel 020 7736 2628. It can be purchased online at this link A significant contribution from each bottle sold will go to the River Dee Trust to help fund obstacle removal and other important salmon conservation work programmes currently underway. Please write to me, Ken Reid, with any news or reports of success to ken@riverdee.org and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd May 2011.


Photo Thomas Thore



I remarked last week that it could be tricky to advise how the prospects would be given the weather forecast and low river levels. We had the best weeks fishing for the season so perhaps I should tempt fate and suggest that this week's conditions make predicting prospects difficult. Advice received from Ghillies is always worth heeding and I am grateful to the Ghillies for their feedback. The current high pressure and prevailing conditions look like continuing for the next week albeit there are some weather forecasters providing a glimmer of hope for some much needed rainfall later this week. The local websitewww.ballogieweather.com comments that it has been probably the driest April on record. I would expect to see a continuation of warm bright days and cold nights, with potential for frosts and coastal haar to progress upriver. This will burn off in the mornings, and as the air warms up it will draw cool easterly breezes from the sea upriver. Many anglers will then forsake angling during the bright afternoons and return to fish hard during the evenings into the night. The maritime forecast is indicating that tides will rise daily until Tuesday and stabilise and then drop back on Saturday. This could encourage some new fish to come forward. Will it rain to any great extent on Friday? I will watch the skies with interest and fingers crossed we will hopefully receive much needed rainfall in the valley.

I always advise anglers should consult their ghillies and heed their wise advice and I would urge the same this week. Anglers should bring light and strong tackle to the river to ensure that they can use the lightest fly lines they have, preferably sea trout lines of 7/8 weight with small double handed rods, or single handed rods and leaders around 10 lbs breaking strain. The River Dee Ghillies have been studying the runs of fish and locations where fish are stopping in their beats so are best placed to provide you with invaluable information. One Ghillie reported watching a shoal of around 50 salmon swimming past him in very shallow water last week. Fly sizes utilised will be around sizes 10-16 with lightly dressed flies being favoured by Ghillies. Small bright patterns like the Park shrimp, Cascade, Allys shrimp, as well as Stoats tail variants and Crathie fly are doing well just at the moment. Small hitched tubes, micro flies and hitched monkeys may encourage a highly visual take in the necks of pools. The tiny Frances patterns are also well worth a go, with Ghillies like Sean Stanton favouring these in low water. There is still plenty of fishing availability on FishDee so if you are able to visit the river and fish then please do.
Anglers are requested to report any suspicious activity on the river bank to the River Office hotline on 013398 80411 where there is 24 hour cover from our Bailiff patrols. Copyright FishDee Ltd May 2011.


Beat catches reported
(week ending 30th April)
SALMON & GRILSE: Altries and Lower Drum 1, Middle Drum 1, Upper Drum and Lower Durris 3, Tilbouries 3, Park 25, Lower Crathes and W Durris 8, Knappach 6, Crathes 2, Invery 13, Middle Blackhall 1, Cairnton 3, Commonty 6, Ballogie 29, Borrowston 2, Kincardine 10, Carlogie 12, Lower Dess 1, Birse 6, Aboyne Water 5, Aboyne Castle 7, Craigendinnie 14, Waterside and Ferrar 10, Dinnet 15, Deecastle 13, Headinch and Cambus O'May 11, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 25, Crathie 11.
Total: 243 Largest: Borrowston & Craigendinnie 20lbs
SEA TROUT: Upper Drum and Lower Durris 2, Park 1, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 1, Ballogie 1.
Total: 5 Largest: Upper Drum and Lower Durris & Park 4lbs

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Park Trophy Presentation-media release

The Park Trophy, for the biggest salmon caught on the fly on the River Dee, which is verified and returned to the river, was launched autumn 2009. The first winning recipient was Jim Coates, who had landed a 32 lb salmon from Park Estates in August 2009, which delighted Park Estates proprietor John Foster. The biggest verified salmon caught on the River Dee during 2010, was landed by visiting angler Jesper Holm Nielsen from Denmark at Lower Dess. The fish, which measured 45 inches and was a male fish, was estimated to be around 32 lbs by two Ghillies Eoin Smith and Colin Simpson, arguably the most experienced Ghillies on the River Dee.

Jesper Holm Nielsen receives the Park Trophy from Ken Reid, River Dee Fisheries Development Officer.

Jesper recalls the moment and commented 'Catching this Salmon was the peak moment in a great week! I like the late season fishing in Dee mainly for four reasons: First: Scotland is a great place to go on vacation – fantastic nature. Second: The people of Scotland are nice to visit – appealing sense of humour, and the know how to tell a tale in a charming and convincing way. Third: The chance of catching a fresh and shiny Salmon, racing upstream just in time for spawning! And finally: Fourth: The chance of catching one of these big and mean Cock Salmon.'

It was a pleasure to present the trophy to Jesper today, with esteemed Ghillie Colin Simpson on hand to assist with photography in capturing the special moment, thus memorialising this for Mr Nielsen. He was also delighted to advise that he had caught a beautiful 12lb Springer on the dry fly yesterday at Lower Blackhall, scene of the award presentation. My sincere thanks to Mr David Payne and Colin Simpson for access to make the presentation to Mr Nielsen on this lovely spring day on the banks of the River Dee.



Ken Reid

Fisheries Development Officer

DDSFB & River Dee Trust Office

Mill of Dinnet, Aboyne

Aberdeenshire, Scotland,AB34 5LA

+44 (0) 13398 80411

M +44 (0) 7979 878971

E-Mail ken@riverdee.org



River Dee Trust Registered Charity No SC028497


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