GLOBAL in Rio Grande 2013

The fences of the Estancia Maria Behety surround 495 square miles of cattle and sheep grazing country, approximately 275,000 acres. All of these pampas border the northern bank of the Rio Grande opposite the Estancia Jose Menendez and Estancia Despedida. The three fishing lodges on the opposite bank alternate daily use of slightly 32 miles of Estancia Maria Behety river frontage in a friendly, organized and harmonious relationship that insures a quality and private experience for everyone on the river.

From its promontory nearly 30 kilometers from the estancia entrance, Estancia Maria Behety Lodge is within minutes of more than 100 of the finest pools on the river and their location alone ensures one of the top trophy trout trips on the planet.The distinctive architecture of the historic turn-of-the-century ranches of Tierra del Fuego is incorporated in the design of the lodge. The view from the living room is a breathtaking panorama that encompasses the river valley and the remnants of the Andean cordillera to the West. The lodge is limited to only twelve anglers for each of the 14 weeks of the season. The large and tastefully decorated guest rooms are shared by two anglers and feature private baths and a spacious alcove for storage of equipment and tackle.

Everything about the Estancia Maria Behety Lodge revolves around the Menendez Family's personal guarantee and total commitment to offering the finest fly fishing experience in the Americas. The guides are renowned for both their intimate knowledge of the Rio Grande and consistent success in bringing monster sea trout to the bank. All of the guides at our lodges on the Rio Grande are Argentines. In fact the entire staff and management at both lodges on the Estancia Maria Behety are home grown; the chefs, hostess, maids, yard boys, every single employee is there to meet and/or exceeded your trip expectations.

Space for the short season at Estancia Maria Behety is very limited and if you are interested in going next year, call or email us as soon as possible.



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