Invited to Mr. River Dee / Ken Reid

Ken and Thomas at Glen Lui Photo by John-Eric Thore

Me and my good frien Ken reid at Glen Lui

Glen Lui Photo by John-Eric Thore

After that Ken had visited me at the Glen Lui and met my friends and my dad. All agreed on the fantastic lovely humble guy this is, he shared his experience in fisheries and the Dee. And shared heartfelt flies out to my friends, who received them with great fervor especially because they came with a little story.
Absolutely amazing to get to the River Dee every time, especially now that you have got so many friends in the valley.

My thought for this visit was to check with Ken if I could bring my friends home to him when we're going to Culter on Wednesday, but I did not even think of than there came a invitation from Ken.

Ken Reid Photo by Thomas Thore

At home with Kenny were treated to one after the other fantastic whisky, we watched movies from all over the world with GLOBAL. Can promise that it was a totally awesome afternoon with good friends, Stene Hellberg, Thomas Larsson, Niklas Larsson from Stockholm, from Gothenburg, it was my father and Dan Rotter.
Later in the afternoon we went down to Culter to check in at the hotel, where we are met by a gang from London who has received four fresh salmon today.
Me and Ghillin Mads K Pedersen goes down immediately and take a swing with our rods, it ends with Mads gets a fresh salmon

Ken Reid Photo by Thomas Thore

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