Knut Syrstad Relief Fund

I am very moved when I read what Trond writes about his brother, calling Trond immediately after I have read what he writes and asks if I can translate it into English. The idea behind this is to get it out to the rest of the world where Knut has as many supporters at home in Scandinavia. For me personally it was an easy choice to deposit funds into Knut's account, hoping that many of you out there doing the same.

Knut Syrstad Relief Fund
Sitting on the sofa and think back to the salmon I took tonight. Fresh, nice and big and heavy, and I know how happy I am to have the opportunity to experience this again and again. At the same time I become more and more aware that there is something very important is missing, namely to be able to rejoice over salmon catches along with twin brother Knut.
When we started to fish for salmon in the Orkla for over 30 years, was Knut there with me every single time and it was just very rare that we have not shared these experiences. Now it is unfortunately more and more rare that I get to see Knut in the river and I'm beginning to understand that it might not be so much more time with him again. Knut is in fact terminally ill and I am completely desperate.
In Norway, there exists no treatment that can make Knut fresh, and all doctors can offer, or any treatment that can alleviate the worst symptoms.
In the spring of 2004, created a fund and a fund-raising campaign was initiated for Knut in several countries. The idea behind this was to have made possible a possible treatment abroad, first and foremost in the United States. An incredible generosity resulted in a lot of money came in, and it was touching to directly experience the enormous commitment that was shown in connection with this.
The treatment was started in Norway, however, proved to work better than initially expected, and a year later Knut recovered from the disease. The money had been received, was given to the leading cancer center in testicular cancer in the United States, with dr.Einhorn in the lead.
Six years later, and after three relapses, was Knut, as the first ever in Norway, try a completely new and experimental cure developed recently by Dr. Einhorn and his team in Indiapolis. Knut helped cure to beat the cancer back for a while, but the symptoms came back sadly, and shortly afterwards the noted new relapses and now with zero chance of healing.
As a twin brother, I am powerless witness to that Knut is idling, waiting to die! The fix I can no longer, and it is clear to me that I now just have to try everything I can in a desperate attempt to help my brother. Most important is that Knut is now not just give up, and he is now in a situation where I think he must try what can be attempted, and then also the treatment that extends beyond conventional medicine in both home and abroad. Knut has previously been very skeptical about this, as he had klokketro the treatment he has been offered here in Norway. He has continued, but is also much more open to "look around," and is aware that it is time to put all prejudices aside and try other options.
To do this requires money. Money that neither the Knut and I have now, and this is a cry for help from me to you so that I might have helped my brother.
All contributions are greatly appreciated and will be welcome received and really noticed. Unless otherwise requested, all contributions will be treated anonymously.
Knut understands and is aware that I do this.
Contributions can be traced to the HARSTAD SPAREBANK, Knut Syrstad Relief Fund.
Account number 4730.06.29322


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Trond Syrstad



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