Hembregård Stjördal

Got a couple of really nice pictures from a fishing friend Holger Kurth taken on hembregård in Stjördal, plus he caught a real mood full time . Good thing it's not long to go before I'm going there myself, otherwise desire become unbearable. Me and my father John Eric and Kent ström will be fishing here on Hembre week 27, will report from here daily with pictures and movies. If you read this Mattias Olsson, I can reassure you that Thomas ström will not be with us this week, so you'll have your quiet family weeks after all. But happiest is probably plåt Niklas, what do you think ? who knows what I mean ?

Hembre gård have had a fantastic start to the season so far

Photo by Holger Kurth Photo by Holger Kurth

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Dato Fiskeslag Vekt Redskap Vald Fornavn Etternavn Nasjonalitet
10.06.2012 Laks 6,2 Flue Hembre Johan Ganemyr Sverige
10.06.2012 Laks 7,0 Sluk Hembre Niklas Ganemyr Norge
09.06.2012 Laks 9,3 Sluk Hembre Bjørn Knapstad Norge
09.06.2012 Laks 6,0 Flue Hembre Johan Ganemyr Norge
09.06.2012 Laks 9,0 Sluk Hembre Hubert Ferlan Sveits
07.06.2012 Laks 8,0 Flue Hembre Lars Järvsjö Sverige
06.06.2012 Laks 6,0 Flue Hembre Arvi Tikkanen Norge
05.06.2012 Laks 8,3 Flue Hembre Arvi Tikkanen Norge
02.06.2012 Laks 9,6 Flue Hembre Torbjørn Beyer Sverige
02.06.2012 Laks 9,6 Sluk Hembre Ivan Håkonsson Sverige
02.06.2012 Laks 10,2 Flue Hembre Lars Järvsjö Sverige
01.06.2012 Laks 9,0 Flue Hembre Lars Järvsjö Sverige
01.06.2012 Laks 11,0 Flue Hembre Torbjørn Beyer Sverige
01.06.2012 Laks 10,0 Flue Hembre Marius Mehren Norge

Bobby Högberg down at the neck with a lovely curved rod with a 7 kg salmon at the other end of the line

Photo by Holger Kurth.

Tord Nilsson, Östersund, standing with a bent rod and with a nice salmon. This takes place at the old bridge Holen on Hembregård. Unfortunately Tord loose the salmon after 5 minutes.

Photo by Holger Kurth.



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