River Dee Report week 35 from Ken Reid

Recent Catches Having just returned from an assignment with Trout and Salmon magazine I was really delighted to hear during the week how well the River Dee was fishing. The River temperature cooled for a number of days last week and really put fish on the take with FishDee beats reporting 93 salmon & grilse on Tuesday, 101 salmon and grilse on Wednesday and 90 salmon and grilse on Thursday. This helped boost the weeks catch to 427 salmon and grilse and 38 sea trout which is the best week of the 2011 season by quite some way. I am grateful for Ghillies calling me this morning with feedback and I am pleased to report that they were very happy for their fishing guests.

Keith Cromar, head Ghillie at Park advised 'We had a really excellent weeks fishing with 89 salmon and grilse being landed by our rods. Philip and Tony Black did exceptionally well with 29 salmon for their short stay. We had days of 17, 33 and 33 being caught midweek as the water dropped below 8 degrees Celsius, which put fish on the take. Messer's Knox also did well with 13 salmon, with fish to 24lbs. Robert Bramman had a 25 lb salmon which was the biggest of the week. Steve Hogg, who called you from Deeside during the week, had 6 salmon and grilse. The average weight of salmon caught last week was around 14 lbs. The water is at a nice height and the temperature has risen a bit to 11 degrees Celsius. I am hopeful good catches will be made during the week as long as the river levels don't fluctuate too much this week.'

Jim Paton, Ghillie at Upper Drum and Lower Durris commented 'We had 30 salmon and a sea trout for the week with a good average weight of around 14lbs. Peter Brown did very well with over a dozen salmon to his own rod. The salmon and grilse were really keen to take a size 8 or 10 cascade and didn't really take as freely with other patterns. Anglers fished with floating lines and intermediate tips.'
Sean Stanton, head Ghillie for Ballogie estates advised. 'I booked the Ballogie week this week myself and had fishermen fishing with me during the week. As you will recall the river was really big on Monday but dropped back steadily during the week before rising again on Saturday. I had 20 salmon and grilse and 5 sea trout to my own rod so I was really delighted to get good sport. My best day was 8 fish and I was pleased to see some good runs of really fresh sea liced grilse running through the beat. David and Craig Macdonald fished Commonty and had 14 salmon and grilse for their week. I had success at the earlier part of the week with a red Snaelda conehead, and had some fish on a red Frances later in the week as the river level dropped.'
Charlie Robertson wrote to me advising 'Hi Ken, Had a great day at Park on Tuesday with Eddie Allan and Mike MacBain. Eddie landed three, biggest 15lbs and lost 4. Mike had two; biggest 12lbs and I managed a 6lbs sea-liced grilse from Durris, I also lost three salmon. First time fishing with Ghillie Bert Webster, a real gentleman. I had a good laugh at the Durris hut with Ian Neale, the author of Shadows in the Stream. Also first time fishing the south bank and it was excellent.'
Finally Edward Humphrey called this morning and advised that the 200th salmon of the season was landed at Dinnet, which is the first time they have reached this number for this time of the year since 1988. The successful angler was Sue Rudge, who came to visit the group of fishermen from Trout and Salmon magazine. Sue caught her salmon on her self tied Vincent pattern and the fish was netted and released by Ghillie Euan Reid. Thanks to all for getting in touch with me which helps me so much in providing a weekly report. It wouldn't be the same without your contributions so please keep them coming. Please write to me, Ken Reid, with any news or reports of success to ken@riverdee.org and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd September 2011.

Beat catches reported (week ending 3rd September) SALMON & GRILSE: Blairs 4, Culter 14, Altries and Lower Drum 20, Middle Drum 14, Upper Drum and Lower Durris 29, Tilbouries 20, Park 89, Lower Crathes and W Durris 12, Crathes 10, Invery 8, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 4, Middle Blackhall 4, Cairnton 21, Woodend 5, Commonty 14, Sluie 3, Ballogie 27, Borrowston 7, Kincardine 11, Carlogie 3, Lower Dess 4, Upper Dess 3, Birse 11, Aboyne Water 7, Aboyne Castle 13, Craigendinnie 4, Waterside and Ferrar 2, Dinnet 16, Deecastle 5, Headinch and Cambus O'May 9, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 21, Birkhall 1, Crathie 14, Heughhead 1. Total: 430 Largest: Park & Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 25lbs SEA TROUT: Culter 1, Upper Drum and Lower Durris 1, Tilbouries 1, Park 3, Lower Crathes and W Durris 1, Invery 1, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 1, Middle Blackhall 2, Cairnton 1, Commonty 3, Sluie 2, Ballogie 5, Kincardine 1, Carlogie 1, Birse

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