Guideline New Reaction Fly Rods

Designed by Leif Stävmo, former casting world champion and Guideline head of design for the past 10 years

“By being given the privilege of using one of the world’s premier and most advanced rod building facilities, we have merged true American rod building tradition with engineering excellence and Guideline rod action philosophy in the development and creation of these state of the art rods.”

“No flashy, glossy paint jobs, no fancy space-age cut out reel seats, no super customized cork grips.. These rods may be a little more subtle in design, but they are equipped with the best cork we could find, the most High-Tec guides and reel seat components from REC and a blank that has been developed and built with well proven manufacturing methods and the very best graphite materials available.”

“These rods are not slow, they react fast and very accurate and the tip sections in general are quite powerful, which helps loop control and also enhances the loaded feeling in the lower half of the rod. The tips will also stand up well when pulling both heavy sinking tips and larger flies out of the water for the next cast.”

“If high-performing rods with the potential of throwing a long cast whilst maintaining an excellent “harmonic” feeling are your game, then you should give them a try.”

Rod models from 9´#4 to 14,8´# 10/11 all in 4 pcs.


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