"Farmed Salmon Exposed"

Please take your time to see the movie for which there is a link to the below in the text (here)

Damien Gillis' new documentary, "Farmed Salmon Exposed: The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry" is now available online here in its entirety. Click here to view it.  

The film has been screened over 40 times in 9 countries around the world since this past November, when it was launched during the Pure Salmon Campaign's Global Week of Action on salmon farms. One of these screenings, at the recent global Seafood Choices Summit in Paris, caught the attention of ABC TV's award-winning food critic, Steve Dolinsky (http://tinyurl.com/y8wfyl - scroll down to Day 2) and received this positive review by The Atlantic Monthly's Barry Estabrook (http://tinyurl.com/y9vlzxj):

"I've visited salmon farms, read scientific articles, and interviewed the multi-billion-dollar industry's advocates and detractors, but never have I encountered anything as graphic as the film Farmed Salmon Exposed by Canadian filmmaker Damien Gillis...The film in its entirety is positively gut-wrenching...Industry representatives said that the movie was one-sided...Farmed Salmon Exposed is one-sided. It's the side of the industry the multi-national corporations don't want us to see." - The Atlantic


80% of salmon farms in Chile - once the number two producer in the world - now sit abandoned in the wake of a devastating attack by the deadly Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus

The film will also be playing at a number of film festivals around the world this year, including in Vancouver. The trailer to the film was seen over 35,000 times globally and there have been 25,000 hits on the recently released four chapters of the 23-minute film. Now, for the first time, TheCanadian.org presents the full film online.


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