Kharlovka / Frodin Master Class


Introducing the Frodin Master Class for Week 2 starting 4-11 Jun

Next spring on the second week of the season, from June 4th – 11th 2011, it will be possible to join Mikael Frodin on the Kharlovka for a special Master Salmon Class. With over 5000 fishing days, together with 18 previous weeks to the Kharlovka, along with thousands of multiple sea winter salmon including his 20 remarkable fish that were greater than 40 pounds, Mikael is without doubt one of the most skilled salmon anglers on the planet. The Frodin Master Class will include a sharing of thoughts and techniques as well as discussions that will make your salmon fishing experience more pleasant, effective, interesting and fun! In addition to the start of the big silver run, this will be a unique chance to learn from a master about the art of catching a big salmon on the fly. Mikael will join the fisherman on the river every day to share his experiences, and to give private coaching. The focus will be on strategy and techniques, which will help you to handle the different situations in a more effective way. Back at the lodge, mealtime will be accompanied with an educational speech, power point presentation or short film on the different aspects of salmon fishing including:

  • Scandinavian style of equipment:
     Rods, lines, balanced shooting heads, leaders, looping lines and safe knots.
  • Casting: Modern style of under and overhand casting. Less effort, longer distance and more control.
  • Fishing Strategy: Where, when, why and how?
  • Fishing Techniques – Speed and depth, how and when? Controlling you fly, searching the perfect drift!
  • Flies – What is a great fly? Fly selection, when and why? How important is design, color, shape and size? When do I fish which fly and why?
  • Fly Tying – Tying the modern tube fly; materials, techniques and simple tricks. Tying on big screen display showing all the modern secrets.
  • Why do I lose the big ones – tips and tricks on how to hook, play, land and release the biggest salmon.

If you are interested in joining us on the Kharlovka (Week 2) for the Frodin Master Class please or Mikael at